How To Find HS Code Of Import And Export Goods

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If you what to know “How To Find HS Code Of Import And Export Goods“.

You are on the right page!

This article will help you learn different ways to find HS codes of goods for import-export goods from one country to another.

Hello, friend Welcome to another fresh article from “”, Here in this article I explain how to find HS Code for import and export goods.

If you are working in the export-import industry you need to understand the HS code of the goods you import and export.

The full form of HS code is the Harmonized System Code.

It’s also known by many other names like- HSN, CTH, ITC HS, etc…

If you know what is HS code, I recommend you to read our article:- What Is HSN Code? | Meaning Of HSN Code.

Now let’s look at the different ways to find the HS code of goods for import and export.

How To Find HS Code Of Goods For Import And Export?

How To Find HS Code Of Goods For Import And Export?

Finding HS code goods is not a difficult job, Because Google has answers to all your questions.

You will get most of the HS code goods on Google search.

But the professionals don’t want to believe in those results blindly, they want some authentic source.

Where they can produce those documents to customs officers as justification for clarified goods.

Customs officers accept data collected from Government sources only.

Normally every CHA (Customs House Agent) uses Customs Tariff to classify the goods.

But every individual can’t keep customs tariff with them, because after the presentation of every budget every year, they need to buy new customs tariff.

So, here I suggest 2 Government portals, which help you to find HS codes for import and export goods.

The First portal is the Ice:Gate Customs Duty calculator.

Ice:Gate customs duty calculation is the most trustable source to find HS code of goods along with the duty structure of goods.

If you don’t know how to use the Ice:Gate customs duty calculator, I recommend you to read our dedicated article written on this topic “How To Calculate Customs Duty In India?

The Second Portal is the Indian Trade Portal.

Indian Trade Portal is the second trustable source to find the HS codes of products.

This portal is slightly complicated to use but it will tell you the duty structure as well as it will help you to identify the country-level benefits.

For example, India has a free trade agreement with some countries like ASEAN India Free Trade Agreement.

I hope this information is enough to find the HS code of goods, If you think it’s helpful then don’t forget to share this post on your social media profile.

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