Best Customs Tariff For Importer & CHA

By | August 31, 2019

Hello, friends welcome to a fresh article of “IndianCustoms.Info”. Here in this article, I suggest you which is the best Customs Tariff for every importer and CHA.

If you are a new importer or CHA and searching for a user-friendly custom tariff.

Don’t worry yours on the right page.

Here I suggest you the customs tariff which is user-friendly and best for everyone.

In my opinion “BDP’s Customs Tariff with IGST and Foreign Trade Policy (2019-20)” is the best customs tariff.

Because we are using this tariff for the last five years.

This custom tariff comes with GST and Drawback rate, which very helpful for exporter/importer.

Customs Tariff

What Is the Use Of Customs Tariff?

The tariff is mostly used by the custom-house agent (CHA).

Tariff contains the complete HS code of product along with duty and IGST rate.

The tariff comes in two parts, The first part contains HS code and the second part contain notifications.

Both parts are equally important.

There is a lost item available in which import is restricted for general importers.

And some product needs additional documentation.

All these details contained in the customs tariff.

As per my personal opinion, every importer must have a copy of the latest update tariff.

It will helps you understand the needs of the customs.

Why Latest Customs Tariff is Required?

On every union budget, custom duty rate or notification benefit maybe change.

Not only on-budget changes wood happen at any time. But the major update comes after budget only.

Therefore you need to buy the latest tariff after every budget.

It will help you to update with customs changes.

As a responsible importer/exporter you must have the latest version of the tariff.

I hope now you understand what is the importance of customs tariff. Please ask in the comment box if anyone has any suggestions or query this regarding the tariff.

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