What Is Union Budget Of India

What Is Union Budget

What Is Union Budget:- If you want to know what is union budget of India and who will present the union budget of India.

Your are on right page!

Hello, friends welcome to “Indiancustoms.info” Here in this article I explained what is union budget and how it will affect the export-import industry.

If you are a exporter or importer you need to watch every budget carefully.

Union budget mainly impact on export import industry.

So, It’s very impotent for you to watch every budget presentation carefully.

First let’s look what is union budget?

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What Is Union Budget

What Is Union Budget?

As every individual make a monthly budget for their monthly income and expense.

In the same manner our government make plan for whole financial year.

It’s known as union budget.

In the union budget, the government makes an estimate of revenue and expense for a financial year.

And allow fund to state government for a year.

When & Who Presents The Budget?

In India, the union budget is present by the finance minister.

The union budget has usually present before starting on a new financial year.

In India currently presented at the beginning of the month of February.

But the new budget effected from 1st of April.

How It Affects Export-Import Industry?

Every budget affects the export-import industry directly and indirectly.

On every budget government change duty structure on products.

Sometimes the government introduces a new duty on products.

So, it’s very important for you to watch the budget carefully.

It does not matter your an exporter, importer, businessman, or individual.

Union budget affects everyone.

It affects positively for some industry and negatively for some industries.

It’s depend on industry to industry.

I hope now you understand What Is Union Budget and how it impacts on export-import industry directly. Comment below if anyone has any suggestions or queries.


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