Customs House Agent (CHA) Role & Importance

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If you want to know “What is the role and importance of CHA (Customs House Agent)“.

You are on the right page!

This article helps you to understand how your CHA will work for you.

Hello, Friends welcome to a fresh article from “IndianCustoms.Info”. Here in this article, I explained about Customs House Agent (CHA).

Most Importers and Exporters appoint the CHA for the fast and smooth customs clearance of their goods.

By the end of this article, you come to know “How To Become Custom House Agent?”.

So, read the complete article, and give your opinion in the comment box.

What Is The Role Of Customs House Agent?

What Is The CHA (Customs House Agent)?

A custom house agent (CHA) is like a legal adviser or lawyer they will suggest to you the correct classification of goods.

And it helps you to get out of your goods from customs. Whenever your CHA will file your bill of entry/shipping bill.

Customs officers may raise the query on the bill of entry.

When a customs officer raised a query at the same time, The “G-card” holder of your CHA will meet the customs officer and resolve the query.

And the whole customs clearance process is done by CHA.

Appointing a customs house agent is a good idea for smoother customs clearance of goods.

Only your CHA can understand these things and can identify the document required for customs clearance.

How To Become Customs House Agent (CHA)

How Do You Become A CHA?

To become a certified custom house agent you need to pass the CHA exam and need to obtain a valid CHA license.

To qualify as an applicant for the CHA exam, You should be a Post Graduate.

If you are a graduate, there are some criteria for graduate persons to qualify as an applicant for the CHA exam.

You must have a minimum of 2 years of experience with an authorized CHA as a “G-card” holder.

And you must have assets of Rs.5 lakh or more.

You will get a total of 3 attempts to pass out the CHA exam.

If you are unable to pass the CHA exam in 3 attempts, you will be disqualified.

How Much Does A CHA Earn?

How Much Does A CHA Earn?

Anybody can’t imagine earning Customs house agent (CHA).

On average a CHA earns a minimum of approx. Rs.20 Lakhs per month.

This earning maybe increase according to the category of goods they deal with.

Some Customs house agent rent their CHA to other companies, which provide them with a decent amount of income per month.

In June 2020 Government of India implemented a faceless assessment system.

This system gives the challenge to import and export customs clearance and increases the importance of CHA.

Best Custom House Agent

Best Custom House Agent.

If you searching for the best customs house agent for customs clearance of your goods.

I will suggest some trustable CHA, which will deal with major ports of India.

The name of CHA which I have given below is based on my personal experience.

Linkers Indian Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Linkers India was founded in 2002 by, Mr. Benny Raghavan.

Currently, the company is focused on freight forwarding.

The company also has a good team of CHA.

Linkers India CHA team is an expert In Garments, Garments Accessories, and Fabrics import clearance.

If you are a Garment manufacturer Linkers Indian Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is a great choice for you.

I hope now you understand the role Of Customs House Agent? and the importance of CHA. Please comment below if anyone has any suggestions or queries.

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40 Responses

  1. I Prabhakar Acharya says:

    Kindly suggest best of the institutes / Collages offering CHA examination course, preferably- visakhapatnam (AP).

  2. Manish says:

    Please Advice Best cheap Custom House Agent for Ceramics ( Granite and Marble ).

  3. Bashir Ahmed Bhat says:

    Need custom agent

  4. Amitabh. Malla says:

    can my get forwarder be My CHA.

  5. Sunil Kumar says:

    I have experience in Global Trade compliance, customs import and export but I do not have experience in CHA.
    Kindly guide how to join and work with CHA for the experience. what is a ‘G-card’ holder

    CHA aspirant,
    Sunil Kumar

    • Hi Sunil Kumar,

      The best way to get experience with CHA you need to work with CHA. Contact any customs clearing agent nearby you and ask them I want to work with you to get knowledge of customs clearance.

      The G-card holder is work under CHA, mainly they are handling the customs clearance part at the port.


    You must have a minimum of 2 years of experience with an authorized CHA as a “G-card” holder.

    i completed my mba degree, shall have to work and get g card holder ?
    then only i will get cha license

  7. Divesh says:

    I’m a B. Tech graduate wanted to start my own export import from and would also like to clear the exam. Given that I have no masters and G-Card and 2 years of experience what would you advice. Thank you.

  8. Shiv says:

    I want register my Ad code in delhi Fpo custom for export

  9. Ranjit Kumar says:


  10. Abhishek singh says:

    Hello sir

    I am a B. Tech. graduate and want to be CHA. Can I apply for CHA exam with B. Tech. Degree

  11. imrose says:

    i am about to start my export business, kindly let me know the role of export consultants including the freight forwarders. i want to know how a complete export cycle of a product would be done.

  12. mohan says:

    Hi I am looking for a CHA for slack wax import port will be chennai or tuticorin.


  13. s.deen says:

    I want became CHA license holder i have post graduate degree (MCA) and have 10+ experience in logistics and freight forwarding officer at UAE. can i have any chance to get this license.

  14. Nahesh says:

    After passing the exam for a professional like CA,CS,MBA or LLB, what is the career path. Will the candidate be directly recruited by the Ports across India on need basis?
    Does this CHA have any Board administering the complete process?

  15. Vishvajeet says:

    Hi, I’m Vishvajeet Singh. I’m a B.Tech graduate and a PWD category guy. I want to know can i become a CHA or i should change my mind. And if I can
    Then after the CHA exam. What’ll be the first step .

  16. Sandip Singh says:

    Hi, I am a CA and post Graduate as well, do have 9 Years of corporate exp in Finance.

    I am looking to have a CHA licence, Can you guide the the study material, course details, exam and the entire process ?

    I can be reached at 898107991one.


  17. Jaykant says:

    I am a MBA graduate. I am attempting 2023 Custom Broker/ Regulation 6 Exam. After clearing the exam and getting licence if i decide to join a CHA company, what salary can i expect ?

  18. K. Suresh says:

    I want to attend CHA exam. I have zero knowledge now. Having PG in law. I read in your blog, only 3 attempts are given. Is that true? Also please send the study materials, can you give guidance or online tutor/classes?

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