What Is DTA In Export Import Trade? [Explained]

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I know you want to know that what is DTA in the export-import trade?

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This article will help you to understand the meaning of DTA in the export-import trade.

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article of “Indiancustoms.info”. Here in this article, I explained one of the terms in Export Import Trade – DTA (Domestic Tariff Area).

Most people don’t aware of why the term DTA is used, they don’t know what is DTA and why this term is used.

But you need to worry about that if you are one of them because you are on “Indiancustoms.info”. Here you will the solution for all your queries related to import-export.

In one of my previous articles, I explained about Deemed Export, I recommend you to read that article to understand what is DTA terms better.

What Is DTA (Domestic Tariff Area mean)?

What Is DTA?

The full form DTA is “Domestic Tariff Area”, the term DTA is normally used by the trade-in exported goods, imported goods, or locally procuring/manufacturing goods wherein any kind of duty is involved.

For example, each EOU or STP unit has a Customs Bonded Warehouse which is treated as Customs Bonded Area.

If you want to move goods in or out of the said warehouse you need to get permission from customs/excise.

Such goods procured locally or imported attract duty amounts.

These units would have imported/procured such goods based on export obligations with the government.

If a unit under EOU or STP fulfilled such export obligation and achieved value addition, the authorities may permit the unit to sell dutiable goods to the local market.

If you obtain any goods duty-free under any government scheme, you can sell the final products to the domestic tariff area, once after fulfilling your export obligation with the government licensing authority.

So once after completion of the export obligation, EOU units or STP units sell dutiable goods to Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) by obtaining permission from the customs/excise authorities.

I hope now you understand what is DTA (Domestic Tariff Area). If anyone has any suggestions or queries please comment in the comment box.

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