Online Custom Duty Payment Procedure (Complet Guide)

By | October 20, 2020
Online Custom Duty Payment

Online Custom Duty Payment:- If you are confused about how to pay customs duty online and want to know compiler procedure.

Then you are on the right page!

Hello, friends welcome to “” Here in this article I explained how done custom duty payment online by using ice gate e payment gateway.

And we will also suggest how you can solve the errors.

If you don’t know how to calculate customs duty then use our customs duty calculator.

Online Custom duty payment through the ice gate e payment gateway is very Simple like buying something online.

In a few years back there is 3 option available for Customs duty payment Cash, D.D. and Online.

At this time there is only one option available for customs duty payment. It’s Online Payment, Through IceGate e Payment gateway.

To pay customs duty online, You must have a bank account with internet banking.

List Of Authorised Bank For Custom Duty Payment.

Here below the list of an authorized bank for customs duty Payment. You can pay customs duty only through using these banks’ net banking.

1State Bank of India
2Punjab National Bank
3Bank of India
4Indian Bank
5UCO Bank
6United Bank of India
7Union Bank of India
8Bank of Maharashtra
9Corporation Bank
10IDBI Bank
11Bank of Baroda
12Canara Bank
13Indian Overseas Bank
14Central Bank of India
15Vijaya Bank
16Syndicate Bank
17Andhra Bank
18Dena Bank
19Oriental Bank of Commerce
20Allahabad Bank

Customs may add or remove banks on the list in the future.

When Indian customs do any changes in these lists. I will update all changes from time to time.

If you have an account with any of the above-said banks, then you can continue for the customs duty payment process.

Online Custom Duty Payment

How To Pay Customs Duty Online?

Here I cover all options available on the customs duty payment gateway.

  • Unpaid Challans
  • Incomplete Transactions
  • Print Transaction Receipt
  • Today Transaction
  • Transaction Report

You need to follow the below steps to pay customs duty online.

First, you need to log in to the e-Payment gateway.

Follow the instructions below to log in e Payment:

Online Custom Duty Payment Procedure Step 1

1: Select Document Type  (BD – Baggage Declaration, BE – Bill of Entry, MBE – Manual Bill Of Entry, SB – Shipping Bill)

2: Type your IEC Code

3: Select your Location Code

4: Fill the Captcha

5: Click on Submit Button.

After Clicking Submit Button you will be redirected to the new page. There are menu options that will be available on the left side.

Online Custom Duty Payment Procedure Step 2

You can see your pending duty payment on the unpaid challan section.

Unpaid Challan

Here you can see the list of unpaid Challans

Step 6: Click on the checkbox to select the Challans and click on the ‘pay’ button to proceed with the payment.

Online Custom Duty Payment Procedure Step 3

You can rest the selected Challans by clicking on the ‘Reset’ button.

Selected Challan is displayed on this page.

Online Custom Duty Payment Procedure Step 4

Step 7: Click on the confirm button it will be redirected to the next page to select the bank.

Online Custom Duty Payment Procedure Step 5

Step 8: Select your bank from the list of banks.

After selecting Bank you will be redirected to Bank Portal for Payment.

After completing the transaction on the bank portal you will be redirected to the ICE-Gate transaction status page.

Depending on the success or failure of the transaction respective screen will be displayed.

Incomplete Transactions

Reason for Incomplete transactions

  1. The user paid the duty in the bank portal, but ICE-Gate did not Receive a complete response from the bank.
  2. If you clicked on the payment option and it’s redirected to the bank page, but due to some technical issue you are unable to complete the transaction and closed the browser.
  3. Connection failure during the transaction process.

Here you can see the list of an incomplete transaction.

Incomplete Transactions step 1

Click on the verify link to complete the transaction.

Please enter bank transaction No.

Incomplete Transactions step 2

Then click on verify button

After ‘verifying’ the transaction, Bank will send the response for the transaction to ICE-Gate.

Incomplete Transactions step 3
Incomplete Transactions step 3

In case of incomplete or failed of the transaction, the Challans will be moved to an unpaid Challan list on verification from the bank.

When the transaction was successful, the information would be passed on to ICES.

Print Transaction Receipt

This option is for Printing transaction reports/challans

Print Customs Duty Receipt

By selecting Start Date and End date you can get the list of paid Challan for print.

Today Transaction

This option is for monitoring today’s transaction.

Customs Duty Transaction Details

By clicking on ‘Today Transaction’ you can get the details of same days transaction report.

Transaction Report

This option is for complete transaction reports port wise

Customs Duty Transaction Details

1: Select the Location code.

2: Choose the Start date & End date

3: Click on ‘Get Report’

It will show you the complete transaction report for the selected period.

I hope now understand the proper way of online custom duty payment by using the ice gate e payment gateway. Comment below if anyone has any suggestions or queries regarding Online custom duty payment.

3 thoughts on “Online Custom Duty Payment Procedure (Complet Guide)

  1. Ajit Mungi

    Very helpful info. I have done this few days before. But when the parcel comes through post, what is the process? Should I wait for customs call or forign post office call? Or appoint clearing agent.

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info) Post author

      You need to appoint a Customs Clearing agent (CHA) for smooth clearance.


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