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import from china to India

Import From China to India:- Here I explained how to import from China to India and what is the most profitable product to import.

Import-export is the most profitable business and the government is also supporting manufacture exporter to import raw material.

In India, Most of the raw material is imported from China because of the quality and price of product imported from china is very fair.

China is also known for its low rate of finished products.

If you plan to import any product at a cheaper rate then china is the best option.

China is the largest market, most of the product imported into India is from china.

import from china to India

How To Import From China To India?

To import any product from china you need to find the best seller in china.

After finding the best seller, you need to find a freight forwarding agent.

The freight forwarder will help you to bring your product to India.

Freight forwarders give you the air/sea freight charges to bring your product to India.

If your product is very small or low value then DHL or FedEx courier company are the best options for you.

DHL or FedEx are also providing door to door services.

If you want to import heavy cargo or high-value goods the freight forwarder is the best for you.

Because freight forwarder can offer you the best rate for heavy and high-value cargo.

If your importing goods through freight forwarder you need to appoint a Customs House Agent (CHA).

All your further customs clearance work is done by you CHA.

Import from china to India

Do I Need Import License For Importing From China to India?

Import license requirements are depending on the use of the goods.

If your importing goods for your personal use then Import license is not required. The goods are cleared under general IEC.

But if your importing goods for trading or further manufacturing purpose.

Then you need to obtain IEC “Import Export Code” from DGFT.

If your importing goods for trading or manufacturing purpose then IEC is mandatory for you.

If you Import goods without IEC then customs will penalize you.

Obtaining IEC from DGFT is a simple process, you can easily get IEC from DGFT by submitting a few relevant documents.

After obtaining IEC from DGFT you can easily import any product from any country.

Note:- If your importing goods for trading or wholesaling purpose then you must be registered in legal metrology as an Importer.

Most Profitable Product To Import From China

Top 10 Most Profitable Product To Import From China?

There are lots of products available in the market, It totally depends on you which product you can understand easily.

If you start importing a product which is very difficult to understand for you then the business must go under loose.

First, you need to understand the market, like the demand for a product, supply of a product, value of products, etc..

Here below I have listed some most profitable products import from china.

  • Electronic Equipment & Machinery.
  • Mobile Phone Accessories.
  • Sports Equipment, Toys.
  • Clothes.
  • Footwear & Parts.
  • Knitted, Apparel, or Crocheted. like:- Lehenga choli
  • Accessories.
  • Cosmetic Products: Fakes eyelashes, lipstick Pencil, Make Brushes, Nail Gel.
  • Plastic Products.
  • Auto Parts and Tires.

You can choose any products from the above list which you can understand very easily.

The import-export business is a very profitable business, but you need to choose the right product and the right market.

Entering into import-export bunnies without proper analysis is like gambling.

Not only import-export business it’s applicable for every business.

So, always do the proper Homework before start import-export business, we are always here to help you in the import-export business at any stage.

I hope now you understand how to import from China to India and what is the most profitable product to import. Comment below if anyone has any suggestions or query this regarding the import from china to India.


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    Can you give ideas and help to know which Intermediates or Chemicals of Active Pharma Ingredients (API) importing from China to India.


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