Shipping Bill Tracking Process [Complete Guide]

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If you want to learn the Shipping Bill Tracking process.

You are on the right page!

Here in this article, I explained everything you want to know about the Shipping Bill (S.B.) and how to check the shipping bill status.

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article of “Indiancustoms.Info”, Here I have covered all the imported points about the S.B. and shipping bill tracking which you need to know.

If you have any queries or suggestions please ask in the comment section. I tried to include all the points which you ask in the comment box.

Let’s start this article by understanding what is shipping bill.

Icegate Shipping Bill Tracking

What Is Shipping Bill?

If you want to export any goods from India you need to file a Shipping bill, without filing S.B. you are not able to export goods to any country.

S.B. is filled by the exporter or customs house agent of the exporter. The Shipping bill filing is a mandatory process to export goods.

S.B contain the details of the Exporter and goods:-

  • Name of the Exporter
  • Name of buyer
  • Value of goods
  • Name of the goods
  • Quantity of goods
  • Country of origin
  • Total payable GST amount etc.

Who Can File Shipping Bill?

There are only two people who have the authority to file S.B. If you are an exporter and get self CHA then you can file S.B. at yourself.

Or you can hire any authorized Customs Couse Agent (CHA) to file S.B.

In most cases, the exporter hires CHA Because they are the expert for filing S.B. They are well-updated about new customs rules and regulations.

Therefore CHA is the best option for export customs clearance of goods.

IceGate Shipping Bill Tracking Guide (Step-by-Step Process)

S.B. tracking is a very easy process, but understanding the status is very difficult.

But don’t worry you’re on the “”, here I will guide you on the right way to read and check the shipping bill status.

To check the S.B status, first, you need to visit the

shipping bill Tracking

Then click on “Public inquiries” when you click this option it will redirect to a new page.

shipping bill tracking

On the left side, you can see the “services” select the “Document Status” option, It will redirect you to another new page.

icegate shipping bill status

Where you can see Tracking options from tracking options you need to click on the “Shipping Bill” option.

Icegate Shipping Bill Tracking

In this window, you just need to input the data. Like Location, S.B. number, and S.B. date.

After fill-up, up the data click on the “Submit” button.

It will redirect you to the Shipping bill status page. here you can see the current status of S.B.

I hope now you understand what is shipping Bill? and How to do Icegate Shipping Bill Tracking. Comment below if anyone has any suggestions or queries regarding the S.B Tracking.

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