Import General Manifest (IGM)

Import General Manifest (IGM Details)

Import General Manifest (IGM):- If you want to know what is import general manifest and what is the importance of IGM details.

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Hello, friends welcome another fresh article of “Indiancustoms.Info”, Here in this article, I explained everything about Import General Manifest (IGM).

Here we clear all the below mentioned points:-

  • Who will file IGM details?
  • Why it’s important to file IGM?
  • Is mandatory to file Import General Manifest?
  • When to file Import General Manifest?
  • Where to file IGM?

I hope this article will help you to understand everything about IGM details.

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Import General Manifest (IGM Details)

What Is Import General Manifest (IGM)?

In import, IGM plays an important roll in the Bill of entry filing. without IGM you can not release you import shipment from customs.

IGM details are filed by carrier of goods or his agent at Ice:Gate portal.

IGM contains the details of shipment comes under MAWB numbers.

Details like:-

  • Shipper Name
  • Consignee Name
  • Invoice Value
  • Number of packages
  • Gross weight and chargeable weight.
  • Port of loading and destination port.
  • Type of packages
  • Dimensions of Packages
  • Description of goods
  • Master airway bill or bill of lading number
  • House airway bill or bill of lading number
  • Date of flight or vessel etc.

These are the details which contain in IGM.

It’s mandatory to file IGM, without filing IGM details your CHA not able to release shipment from customs.

By filing IGM, Carrier is informing customs authority shipment is arrived at the customs area.

In normal cases goods, carrier file IGM details 4 hours before the arrival of cargo. Procedures To File IGM Details.

Difference Between IGM And Gateway IGM

Difference Between IGM And Gateway IGM.

Gateway IGM and IGM both are filed by goods carriers at the time of goods arrived at customs location.

IGM and gateway IGM both are same.

Gateway IGM filed in case of cargo move to any inland port.

For example:- If your cargo arrived at the Chennai Sea (INMMA1) port but the final destination of port ICD Patparganj (INPPG6) Delhi.

In this case Chennai sea (INMMA1) is gateway port.

And when the cargo move to ICD Patparganj (INPPG6) carrier file the IGM, this IGM is known as gateway IGM.

When the said cargo arrived at ICD Patparganj (INPPG6) goods carrier or their agent will file the Local IGM.

Amendment Of Import General Manifest (IGM)

Amendment Of Import General Manifest (IGM).

Amendment of IGM details is not an easy process, Once when carrier file then the carrier needs to get permission from the customs authority for the amendment.

For amendment of IGM details carrier or their agent need to submit amendment request later with Deputy commissioner of customs.

And also need to pay Rs.1000/- bank challan.

When Deputy commissioner of custom allows permission for amendment, carrier or their agent need to delete old data from the system.

And need to file fresh IGM with correct details.

If you are new to the import/export industry, then this article is beneficial for you to understand Import general manifests (IGM).

I hope now you understand What is import general manifests and why it’s important to file IGM details. Comment below if anyone has any suggestions or queries regarding the B.E filing.

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