Difference Between Importer And Consignee [Explained]

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If you want to know what is the difference between importer and consignee.

You are on the right page!

This article will help you to understand the basic difference between importer and consignee

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article from “Indiancustoms.info”. Here in this article, I explained the difference between importer and consignee.

Many people are confused and they can’t understand the difference between consignee and importer.

They think that both are the same but they are wrong.

In general terms, we can say that both are the same but according to Customs, Custodian, Airline or Shipping Line, and some other authorities, both are different.

So, here in this article, we will discuss Who is an Importer in International trade? Who is to be called a Consignee in exports and imports? How to differentiate between Consignee and Importer in the import and export business?

Difference Between Importer And Consignee.

Difference Between Importer And Consignee.

To understand the difference between importer and consignee, you need to understand who is an importer in international trade and who is a consignee in international trade.

When you understand the definition of both it’s very easy for you to understand their differences.

So here we explore the importer and consignee separately.

Who Is Importer In Exports & Imports Trade?

The importer is an individual or a firm authorized by the government of the respective country to act as an ‘Importer’ to bring goods or services to a country from outside countries.

The importer is responsible for completing necessary legal import customs clearance procedures and formalities on the arrival of goods into a country.

However, he can resell cargo before the arrival of goods to a third party and need not be a final buyer. In other words, the title of cargo can be transferred before the arrival of goods.

Who Is Consignee In Imports & Exports Trade?

A consignee is an individual or a firm to whom the cargo is consigned by the shipper.

The consignee may or may not be an actual buyer of goods.

If freight forwarding is involved in a shipment, the consignee of MAWB or MBL may be the said freight forwarder and not the final buyer of goods.

The consignee need not be a government-registered importer. 

I hope this article satisfies you on the difference between Consignee and Importer.

I hope now you understand what is the difference between importer and consignee. If anyone has any suggestions or queries please comment in the comment box.

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