Free Import Export Course By Government Of India

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If you are searching for a Free Import Export Course to learn the Import Export business.

You are on the right page!

This course will help you to build a strong base in the export-import business.

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article of “IndianCustoms.Info”. Here in this article, I explained how to join a Free Import Export Course available in India.

If you are new to the Importer-Exporter industry then it is very important for you.

It will help you to understand the basics of the Import-Export business.

This is a Massive open online course (MOOC) in Export and Import Management.

This course is conducted by the Niryat Bandhu Scheme of DGFT, Ministry Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.

After completing the course you can also apply for certification for the same. But remember Certification is not Free.

You can also start your own export business after completing this free course.

If you are facing funding issues to start a business then you can apply for Mudra Loan which is offered under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

Now let’s check how you can join this course and what is the eligibility criteria to join.

If anyone has any queries please ask in the comment box I’m very happy to help you.

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Import Export Course

Eligibility To Join Course.

There are no Eligibility Criteria to join this Import Export Course.

Any person can join this course who has a Laptop/Smartphone with a good internet connection.

And the most important thing is this course is only available in English only.

So, you must have a basic knowledge of English to complete this course.

When you finish all the modules, you can apply for a Certificate.

Also, note that the certificate is not free.

To earn a certificate you need to pay the examination fee of Rs. 2360/- (inclusive of 18% GST).

After payment of the fee, you need to attend the online exam.

On exam, if you score more than 70% marks then you will be awarded a certificate.

You can check the sample certificate by clicking the above button.

Here in the above video, I explained how you can join this course. 💡

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How To Join  Import Export Course?

To join this course, First, you need to visit the official website of Niryat Bandhu.

Link To Joining Link Page

By clicking on the above button you will be redirected to the page where you will get the joining link.

If your budget allows you can also try our premium Import documentation course.

Free Import Export Program Home Page

There is you can see an option Sign In /Sign Up.

Click on “Sign In/ Sign Up”. It will take you to a new page.

Singup-Singin Page

Here you need to fill in some information Like- Your Full Name which you want to be printed on Certificate.

Email Id where you will get long in detail.

And finally your mobile number.

After filling in the complete data and click on the “Register” button.

Now MOOC will send mail to your email ID.

Log In Details for Course

Now check your Email Id where you will get your sign In detail. As you can see in the above image.

Welcome window

After successfully sign in You can see a video option.

Now click on the “Video” option. It will take you to another new page.

List of Moduls

Here on this page, you can see the complete video lessons.

Now you can attend video lessons one by one.

There are a total of 20 lessons available on this Import Export course.

If you are interested then you can apply for certification after completing all the lessons of course.

This certificate will help you to get a job in the import-export industry.

But as in my opinion, there is no value for any certificate in this industry.

experience is the only thing that can lead you.

If you want to make a career in the export-import industry this course is a value addition for your career.

I hope now you understand How To Join Free Import Export Course and avail the benefits of the course. Comment below if anyone has any suggestions or queries regarding the Import Export Course.

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  1. A.Sakthivel

    எந்தொழியில் பாடங்கள் இருக்கும்.
    The course which language.

    1. admin

      First, Thaks For Writhing Us.

      Dear Mr. A. Sakthivel,

      Currently, this import export course is available on English only may in future they with add in other languages.

      If you have any other query. Please feel free to ask…..

      Thanks & Regards
      Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      1. Mohd fahad nazeer

        Sir i cant get the access the videos

        1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

          Try again It’s working fine.

          1. Pawan Chawat

            The link is not opening can you give the web site address

          2. Vishal Kumar. V

            Me too the same issue the Videos tab is not available

      2. Mohd Usman

        How i learn free import and export courses in offline mode?kindly assist me via my email address:- [email protected]

      3. Is this official course by iift government of india. Body

        Is this offical course conduct by government of india body iift

      4. Achintya Mukherjee

        After clicking the joining button no new window/ drop down menu has appeared to enable me join the free course.

      5. Vishal Kumar. V

        I can’t get the Log in ID and password to my mail ID please help me.

        1. Arnab Adhikary


          I don’ find any Joining link on the article. Also if I try to open the site niryatbandhu then it shows server not found.

          Is the server of this website completely down?

          Arnab Adhikary

  2. Jignesh kurajibuai Zalavadiya

    Export import business

    1. limbachiya kŕupa

      inqury and details please for import export online couse

  3. shivaji palve

    I want to start emport & exsport business in aggricalchur
    seactar but they are also maney problame . please replay
    & what is the feachar is emport & export business &

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Import-export business is the future of India, You need to go with any other products
      like- Fabric & It’s accessories, Security items, Plastic Items, etc…

    2. Hiren

      After passing the exam, the certificate given to me will be digital or hard copy will be posted to my provided address??

      1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

        You will receive the Certificate Hard copy on your address.

        1. Ayu

          Sir i hv liked in fb but still its not opening

  4. santosh

    how valid this certificate, is this use full for international job/business also,

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      This certificate is valid for every type of jobs and business related to import-export.

      1. Satendra pal

        Sir myself satendra pal .I want to join this course .But I am not doing .. Please sent me link ..For join …

        1. Hi Satendra pal,

          To get a link, you need to unlock the link by like our page or tweet our article on your tweeter.

          1. Afsana

            I have tweeted the same but still its locked


    Thanks for the great info sir!

  6. Thanapal

    dear sir, how long this class

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      There are a total of 20 videos, If you complete 1 video each day it will complete within 20 days.

    2. Amruta

      Sir after competing the course is there any help from govrnmenet how to start the business or any practical learning. Wich product to choose.

      1. Hi Amruta,

        The government always help Exporters and give them support to extend their business, But you need to choose which product you want to export.

  7. divya nair

    sir ,
    I am not able to proceed from this screen . what should i do.
    it showing some gp link

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Dear Divya Nair,

      We use Gp link shortener on the link, If you would like to join the course, You need to verify your not robot on GP link site and after verifying click on continue button and wait for 15 to 30 seconds then you will get the link to course sites.

      Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

  8. Ameen

    Is This Free export and import lessons Available in Tamil Nadu?

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      It’s available in worldwide…………….

  9. Neelam

    I want to join, procedure pls. On I.d.

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Please watch the video, Complete procedure explained in the video.

  10. raju

    sir i have tried new registration but it is not opening and it is howing already exist

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Try Forgot Password option.

  11. Hairstyles

    Hello.This post was extremely motivating, especially because I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Monday.

  12. Ravi Kumar

    It’s really great information.

    Thanks for sharing…….

  13. exportimport

    Very useful information, It is what I search for.

    Thank You very much for this great information.

  14. vinod chaudhary

    hello sir
    what are the problems to export the fruit and vegetables

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Hi Vinod Choudhary,

      There is no issue to export fruit & vegetable. You just need to know the requirements of the exporting country.

  15. bibhudatta patnaik

    Though hv registered still not able to get the confirmation in email. So, not able to login & on the top of that, when trying with the forgot password also, the website not responding neither getting the link to change d password too

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Please check the spam folder or try forget password.

  16. Harshit Jain

    i have not received any email to login into the course.

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Try to use the Forget password option or register once again, It’s happening due to heavy traffic on site,

  17. Sagar Gadagin

    I’m not getting the response mail from MOOC which contains the password. How can we proceed further?

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      It’s happening due to heavy traffic on site, Try to use the Forget password option or register once again.

  18. Ram

    I have registeredand email and passward have came..but when i tried to login it is showing invalid id or oasswors..i tried it many times but the same is happening..

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Try to use the Forget password option


    I want to know is any time limitation for this import – export course and all the details about on line exam, time duration of the exam and is it possible to choose exam date according to my consent or it’s automatically generate by your side. Can I use my own computer or laptop.

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Dear Amit,

      This course is conducted by the Niryat Bandhu Scheme of DGFT, Ministry Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. so you can join and attend the course any time from anywhere and there is no time limit for this course So, you can join and attend the exam as your wish.

  20. Gaurav

    What is the use / Value of the certificate? Where does it help?

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      It will help you to get a job in import-export companies.

  21. Narendra Parmar

    I tried to register on sunday at 11:00 clock but it had an error.

    1. Narendra Parmar

      I tried to register on date 12/4/2020 sunday at11:00 clock but it had an error. What to do for New Registeration ?

    2. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      It happens due to heavy load on the registration site, Due to lockdown everybody registering to learn the export course.

  22. Kunal Kumar Roy

    Sir,I filled all three collums for registration as a new,but after fillup when I hit register button it showing “less information”,why this is showing?as I fillup all three cells of new registration

  23. Narendra Parmar

    i tried to register many times but there is an error . Now What I D? After day i Can’t Seen my Comment.Please give me answer Early as possible.

  24. Parth Lakhani

    I Have Signed Up a New Account , i did recieved an email about Confirmation of my account with Email Id and Password But As i try to Log in it Shows Invalid Email Id/ Password. Please Help me Logging in!

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Try to forget the password option.

  25. jayantshree

    i registered on the website , however i didnt received any mail from your side . they said i have been mailed my id and password

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      Try the Password reset option.

  26. M G mahajan

    After completing the 20 days course when the exam will be conducted

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      If you want to attend the exam then you need to pay an examination fee and you need to send the fee receipt to [email protected] with the Subject Line “MOOC Certificate Fee” from your register email id.

      within a day or two of your mail regarding payment, you will be receiving a mail from [email protected] for payment confirmation along with an Examination Code.

      After receiving the Examination Code, you are all set for taking the examination. Please login to the Mooc website and click on “Take Final Examination Link” from the Home Page.

      Now, give your Examination Code, and click on the Button “Take Examination”

      You will be getting 50 multiple choice question and you need to complete the examination within 90 minutes.

      Your score will be displayed immediately after completing the examination.

      If your score is more than 70% then you are eligible for Certificate.

      After the successful completion of the examination, you need to send a mail from your registered email id to [email protected] attaching the screenshot of the “successful completion” score sheet along with your recent passport-size photograph and your Complete Name in CAPITAL LETTERS for printing your Certificate.

      Within 15 days of this, you will be able to download your e-Certificate from the Mooc Web Portal’s Home page.

      In case of scoring less than 70%, you will be allowed to take the examination again and you can attempt the examination any number of times. No additional fee for re-examination.

      1. Varisha Qureshi

        Where are we supposed to pay the examination fee?

  27. M g

    After completing 20 days course when the exam be conducted

  28. Rafik Mulani

    Tell Course duration period in days. Can course compete in my living place

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info)

      You can complete this course within a week or 2, It completely depends on you.

      You can do this course from your home.

  29. Devesh Saboo

    Dear sir/ma’am,
    I wish to know whether a college student can also do this course and start up with an import export business. Is their any other course free/paid that tells you how to setup an import export business from scratch?

    Thank you for your time

    Awaiting your reply.



    Thank you very much for letting everyone know about this course..


    How many days will this course be free

  32. Shyam Srivastava

    Hi Do you provide export import licence also along with certificate

  33. Smita Hemant Kushte

    After completing & getting certificate shall we start business? & how it should be?
    I am housewife should I do the course? & any further help will provide from your end?

    1. Hi Smita,

      After completing this course you need to attend the exam, If you score more than 70% then you will get a certificate.

      This course is only for knowledge anyone can do this course, after completing the course it’s your decision you want to start a business or Do a job.

      If you choose a job then this certificate will help you to get a job in the export-import industry easily.

      But if you plan to start a Bussines then this certificate not helpful for you.

  34. chinmay gurav

    Will you recommend doing this course over diploma/degree in import-export?

    1. Hi Chinmay,

      You can do this any time it is for information and knowledge purpose. If you are interested in knowledge gaining about import-export then you can go with this course.

  35. Baji

    If it’s conducted by iift then it’s not free..

    Asking for course fee i.e more than 20k


  36. Amruta Sawant

    This course will not be helpful to start a business. Can you confirm post this course completion is there any option where I can practically learn export import.

    1. Hi Amruta Sawant,
      This course is only for basic knowledge, To get practical knowledge you need to invest your time with any import-export company.

  37. Amruta Sawant

    I am not receving ay login id passord

  38. siddhesh mekde

    Dear Sir
    What will be the contents covered under this course.

  39. Varisha Qureshi

    How to take the government exam. Will it be online? Will there be a specific date fixed all over areas to take the exam or we can apply anytime. And pattern of questions asked? Any document required to fill up the examination form? Can you please provide all the details related to exams.

    1. Hi Varisha Qureshi,

      This is a free course, first, you need to join the course then you can ask your all question directly on the official website, the concerned authority will get the answer for all your questions.

  40. Jasmine

    Thank you sharing this with needy Us!
    I would like to start import business, Why this certificate will not be useful for me.

    Also, please tell me where can I find procedures to start with Import Business.

  41. Chaitali Desai

    Dear sir / madam,

    I have 6 years experience in clearance line. i want to do job in forwarder companies. but they want certified course. is this course certificate is useful for me for growth …or pls advise any other certified course we can do from home. pls advise

    1. Hi Chaitali Desai,

      I don’t think this certificate will help you to get a job in forwarder companies, It may help you to get a job in any export companies.

  42. Chaitali desai

    Dear Admin,

    Thank you for your valuable advice. Can you advise other course detail to boost my carrier…

  43. Ashutosh

    I have twitted but still not able to access the link.
    Pls help me on this. I want to do this course.


  44. abhishek kumar

    the join now link is not working

    1. Hi Abhishek,

      Join link is working, but due to some technical issue “Niryat Bandhu” site is down, you have to check back after some time.

  45. Vunna Praveen Kumar

    Where can I use the certificate? I want to know the advantage of paying for it.

  46. Amjathkhan

    Dear Admin,

    The Joining link is not opening can you please send me the link to my mail ID.
    [email protected]

  47. kuldeep choudhary

    Thank you for this valuable information.
    Can I appear online exam from any city/ from anywhere ?

  48. Jayadurga

    Hi, How to find buyer for a product and how to reach them and validate their reliability. please advise

  49. Ashish Chandrashekhar Bagde

    Dear Admin,

    The Joining link is not opening can you please send me the link to my mail ID
    [email protected]

  50. Gaurav Singh


    [email protected]

  51. vinay

    Dear Admin,

    Please share the course joining link.

  52. K Viswanathan

    Dear sir,
    After a successful completion of the course, will I be able to work as a Customs House Agent ?
    Please advice.

  53. vinay

    Please share the course joining link.

  54. sakshi

    Not able to join the course, please assist.

  55. Rohan Raj

    What is the duration of this course? And the exam for Certificate will be online based or offline?
    And if online can we give that exam from our home?

    1. Hi Rohan Raj,

      This is a free online course you can complete at your convince. The exam will be conducted online and you can attend it from anywhere.

  56. S.K. MISHRA

    Your online exams are held at some online centre or from home , please inform.

    1. Hi S.K Mishra,

      This exam is conducted by the Niryat Bandhu Scheme of DGFT, Ministry Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India, You can attend the exam from anywhere.

  57. Pravesh Chand Mathur

    Sir, where do I get the link for form for registering online export import course

  58. Dear Sir, Good Morning from KHAMGAON. This is Mr Harendra Sawai From KHAMGAON District Buldhana Maharashtra State. My Email ID is [email protected] and My WhatsApp Number is+91-9922161912. I want to Join Import Export Course. I really NEED License Certificate, Import Export Code Certificate ( From Ministry of Commerce And Industry, Government Of India), Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Harendra,

      It’s only a normal course, by completing this course you will the course certificate not an IEC certificate.

  59. prachi

    i did press like but the link is still locked .
    what to do next

  60. Hussain

    Dear Sir,

    Please kindly send me course link. I am not able to get the link by clicking like button.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Hussain,

      To unlock this you need to click on the like button or the tweet button and need to complete the process.

      I give you one more option, you have to share any of our articles on your social media and share the screenshot with us at [email protected], we will directly send you the joining link.

  61. Ram yadav

    I want to join for this course

    1. Ram yadav

      Where is link to joind


    Dear Sir,

    Please kindly send me course link. I am not able to get the link by clicking like button.

    thanking you.

  63. Ayush

    Dear sir,
    Please send me course link i am unable to get it by clicking on like button.
    Thanking you

  64. Sonal Shah

    I tried liking through Facebook and tried tweeting too but It shows site is unreachable. My email id is [email protected]

  65. Ishaq istiyaq khan

    I want to learn imort and export plz send me link

  66. Mudit Bohra

    There is an error in opening the link, can you help me with it.

  67. sree

    It looks like a fake one..

    1. Hi Sree,

      Why you think it looks like a fake one, thousands of people already enrolled in this course, you can understand it from the comment section.

      Let me know what issue you are facing here.

      Admin (indin Customs Info)

  68. Sanam Bansal

    I want to join the course. Please when the link will start working.
    In fact I am not able to see the link in this article as shown in the video.

    1. Hi Sanam,

      The link will appear after the tweeting or liking the page, follow the instruction given in the article.

  69. himanshu

    i have done btech want to give cha exam i know btechs are not eligible what is the shortest route to appear for this exam?

  70. himanshu

    one of the eligibilty is “diploma in customs clearance work” from where i can earn this diploma i searched on google but nothing comes out
    you are very knowledgable guide me appropriately

    1. Hi Himanshu,

      If you want to work in customs you have 3 options.
      1.H-Card Holder
      2.G-Card Holder
      3.F-Card Holder (CHA)

      To work as an H-card holder you only need a Degree, you can work under any G-card, If you want to Work as a G-card holder you need to pass the G-card exam.
      To work as F-card or CHA you need to Post graduation and need to pass the exam.

  71. Lesenyeho

    1. What is the duration period of this course?
    2. Will I get a hard copy certificate?

  72. Aditya

    Hi Indian Customs,

    I have done MBA in Internation Business and some adequate knowledge of import-export but due to this pandemic situation, I was not able to get a job in the EXIM field. And I am desperately looking forward to working in this domain.

    So, all I need is guidance from your side or any job recommendation or reference.

    +91 7972 612 707

  73. SRM

    How useful has this course been to applicants?
    How long is each video?

  74. Anil Sharma

    Respected Sir

    I am unable to join or also not getting link…please help

  75. Kaushal Parikh

    dear sir,
    i have registered as a new user for the course and recieved the credentials on my e mail id however i m unable to log in with those credentials,
    kindly assist

  76. Honey Goyal

    Dear Team,

    Unable to find the link..


    Thank you for this valuable information. This helped me. God bless you.


        Hi sir,
        I’m not able to find link


    i am not able to get into registration process…..
    will you help me to get into the link

  79. Sayali Gawali

    I am not able to enter the link. PLease help


    hi sir,
    my name is thirupathi rao iam not able to click on link

    1. Hi Meda Rhirupathi Rao,

      Let me know what kind of issue you are facing. please confirm did you use the link unlock option or not.



  82. tribhuvan

    After enrolment if time does not suit to attend lecture , can I get videos link to watch later
    as I am doing job in private firm and the timing given is office timing upto 7 pm therafte picking up train to travel to home

    As per your content, this is a course for obtaining basic knowledge of export import

    Please reply




    Hello Admin
    Though i have followed the instructions as mentioned in the article for getting the registration done but not able to get any link whatsoever on my given email Id. Could you suggest me the alternative or way to get the link and proceed ahead.

  84. Amol Arsul

    Respected Sir

    joining button is not seen. i also send Email of screen shot how do I get joining link. Please help

  85. Sahil B Mujawar

    Hey Good afternoon ,
    can’t get the link please, share the link.

  86. Pankaj Gupta

    Hello sir, I have question that from where we can get a proper knowledge and experience of this import and export trade.

  87. Pankaj Gupta

    Resp admin,
    Please, send me a link on my email id.


    I want to join this course.

    It’s free or chargeable….

    In Niryat bandhu, there is fee of Rs.23600 which is very high for me. Thank you.


    I want to join this course.

    It’s free or chargeable….

    Is there Totally free course….

    In Niryat bandhu, there is fee of Rs.23600 which is very high for me. Thank you.


    Send me link for join free courses for export and import.

  91. Prem Sudha

    I am not able to login.It is saying the credentails are wrong

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