How To Export From India – The Complete Process

By | October 26, 2018

If you want to know How To Export From India your at right page. Here in this article, we will explain the complete process of export.

The documentation process of export looks very lengthy and confusing for a New exporter.

By referring this article, You will get the complete knowledge of Export from India.

Process For Export From India

Importer Exporter Code (IEC):- Before starting export from India you need to obtain IEC (Importer Exporter Code) from DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade).

Fright Forward:- The freight forwarder provide the fright rate on the basis of mode of shipment. The mode of shipment of the cargo can be sea, Air, Land or even multi-modal.

Documents Require For Export

Documents Require For Export

You need some documents for export from India.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List (PL)
  • Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill

Commercial Invoice (C.I):- The Commercial invoice is prepared by exporter after order confirmation. The commercial invoice is like a bill. The commercial invoice is prepared for valuation purpose.

Packing List (PL):- Packing list contains an item wise details. How much quantity contained in each box. It will help the officer at the time of examination.

Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill:- The Bill of lading/Airway bill is the most important document. Bill of lading/Air waybill is issued by the carrier after loading the goods. It contains the details of the shipment.

Customs Clearance Process

Customs Clearance Process

You need to choose a custom-house agent (CHA) for customs clearance process. CHA will help you to customs clear you export shipment.

AD Code Registration:- Before filing any export shipping bill Exporter or their CHA is required to register their IEC and authorized dealer code number with the customs.

Shipping Bill:- The custom-house agent (CHA) will issue a checklist after receiving the commercial invoice (CI), the packing list (PL) and other documents.

After getting approval from the exporter.

The CHA will file the checklist for shipping bill number at Ice: gate.

While Exporter can also file the shipping Bill by self-using Ice: gate portal of customs.

The exporter may use the services of a custom-house agent (CHA).

After filing the shipping bill, The assessing officer of  Group (Export department) checks the details filed shipping bill.

And the exportability of goods as per the foreign trade policy and other laws in force.

After the let export order is given by the customs officer the shipping bill is generated by the system in 2 copies.

1 customs copy and 1 exporter copy, There is a third copy that is the EP copy which is generated later after submission of the export general manifest EGM.

Stuffing or Loading of Goods in Containers:- The exporter or his agent should hand over the exporter a copy of the shipping bill duly permitting let export to the steamer agent.

Who may then approach the proper officer preventive officer for allowing the shipment the stuffing of the container at the dock is done under the preventive supervision of the customs.

Export General Manifest (EGM):- Once the ship sails away/Airlifted shipping lines or its agents furnish the export general manifest to the customs within seven days from the date of sailing of the vessel.

EGM includes a list of all the items loaded or present on the ship while leaving the port.

EGM is the final confirmation of material exports of goods.

Only post the issue of EGM would the customs consider the sanction of the drawback claims made against the export shipment.

The above is the general procedure for export.

One important thing to note here is that there are more enhanced processes for specific plans.


“I hope now you understand the complete export procedure. Comment below if anyone has any suggestions or query regarding the export procedure.”


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