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Bill Of Entry

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article of “IndianCustoms.Info”. Here in this article, I explained everything you need to know about the IceGate bill of entry (B.E.).

Here in this article, I have covered all the imported points about the bill of entry which you need to know.

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IceGate bill of entry

What Is Bill Of Entry?

When you import any goods from abroad you need to file a bill of entry at customs.

Bill of Entry (B.E) is filled by the importer or customs house agent for the customs clearance of imported goods.

The bill of entry filing is mandatory for the customs clearance of imported goods.

B.E contain the details of imported goods like:-

  • Name of the importer
  • Name of supplier
  • Value of goods
  • Name of the goods
  • Quantity of goods
  • Country of origin
  • Total payable Duty/GST amount etc..
New Bill Of Entry Format 

The above B.E format helps you to understand what are the details are contain in B.E.

The custom officer examines the cargo as per the details mentioned on B.E copy.

After completion of the examination, the proper officer allows us to get out the goods from customs.

Without filing B.E custom clearance of goods is not possible.

Who Can File B.E In Import?

If you are an importer and get self CHA then you can fille B.E. at yourself.

Or you can hire any authorized Customs Couse Agent (CHA) for B.E filing.

Most of the case the importer hire CHA Because of they the expert for filing B.E.

They well updated about new customs rules and regulations.

If you are unable to file B.E within the time prescribed by customs.

Then Customs will charge a penalty as per  Notification No. 26/2017-Customs (N.T.).

It has been mandated that the B.E has to be filed by the end of the next day following the day of arrival of the shipment.

Any delay in filing of the B.E, The importer will be liable to pay the late presentation charges as under.

  • Rs.5000.00 per day from the 2nd day of the shipment arrival for 3 days &
  • Rs.10000.00 per day from the 5th day onwards till the day of filling of the BOE.

How To Check Bill OF Entry Status?

Checking the B.E status is very easy but understanding the status is very difficult.

But don’t worry you’re on the “” site, here I will guide you the right way to read the bill of entry status.

To check the B.E status, first, you need to visit the

And click on “Public inquiries” when you click this option it will redirect to a new page.

boe status

On the left side, you can see “services” select “Document Status” option, It will redirect you to another new page.

Where you can see Tracking options from tracking options you need to select “Bill Of Entry”.

bill of entry status

In this window, you just need to input the data. Like Location, Bill of entry number, Bill of entry date.

After fill-up, the data click on the “Submit” button.

It will redirect you to the B.E status page. here you can see the current status of bill of entry.

Types Of Bill Of Entry For Import.

In Indian Customs 4 types of B.E filed for customs clearance.

1. Bill Of Entry For Home Consumption:- This type of B.E has been filed for the direct customs clearance of imported goods.

In this case, Importer will pay the customs duty and customs cleared the goods from customs.

2. In-Bond Bill Of Entry:- If the importer does not have enough funds to pay customs duty.

Or importer doesn’t want to release the full consignment from customs due to an issue.

So, Importer Or their CHA  will file B.E for In-Bond B.E or Warehouse B.E.

If B.E filed under In-Bond there is no need to pay the customs duty.

And after the customs clearance process, the shipment will be shifted to Bonded Warehouse.

3. Ex-Bond Bill Of Entry:- Ex-Bond B.E is filed when the imported need to release a part shipment or full shipment from In-Bonded Shipment.

At the time of Ex-Bond B.E Importer only need to pay the customs duty for the part of shipment which they want to release from the bonded warehouse.

4. Kachha Bill Of Entry:- Kachha B.E is also filed for direct customs clearance of Imported Goods.

Kachha B.E is filed for the customs clearance of perishable goods. like:- fruits, vegetables, live animals, etc…

I hope now you understand What Is IceGate Bill Of Entry and the importance of filing B.E in the case of import. Comment below if anyone has any suggestions or query regarding the B.E filing.

8 thoughts on “IceGate Bill Of Entry | How To Check B.E Status


    Our bill of entry no is 4255772 dated 24/09/2011.As we require some details urgently, we filled in the required details online ,However the message appears on the site ” NO RECORD FOUND ” Since the matter is urgent, we request you to kindly guide us in the matter

    Regards ,

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info) Post author

      Please confirm which port’s bill of entry is this?

  2. Weber

    Dear sir,

    We followed your instruction on the BOE inquiry page and filled everything, and clicked submit, but the page just refreshed and became unfilled again, nothing shows up, no notice, will you please help me of this BOE. I need this BOE content urgently, thanks.

    BE NO.5606705
    BE date: 8th,Nov 2019

    If possible please send me the copy or screenshot via e-mail. Thanks
    (And do not reveal this message in public if possible)

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info) Post author


      I had mailed the screenshot to your e-mail ID,

      Sometimes ice-gate goes down, You may check the B.E status at that time.

  3. Hiram Liu

    Thanks for this article . I read all your articles .
    I am from china , and my company will have a project in indian.
    My job is in charge of the logistics and I am learning the procedure of the import customs clearance in Indian .
    From the above comment , I knew the BE number . It means the bill of entry for the import cargos .
    But what is the SB number ? At fist , I guess the SB number is the number of MBL . But , it was not .
    If I have a IEC number , MBL number and BE number for a cargo from china to indian .
    How to search the SB number and the date of the SB number ? Could I tracking all the import details through the SB number ?

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info) Post author

      Hi Hiram Liu,

      SB Number means “Shipping Bill Number” it belongs to export.

  4. Weber

    Hello Sir,
    I need to submit Bill of entry to my Bank as I had imported embroidery machines from China. This import was done in the year 2010 – 2011 and in January 2020 bank have asked to submit those Bill of entries. I have lost them, so can I download it online? or how can I get it?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Admin (IndianCustoms.Info) Post author

      It’s not possible to download the Bill of entry online, You can contact your CHA and ask them to provide a copy print of the Bill of entry.

      If you want Final print then it bit difficult.


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